About me

Making it happen!

I like to be around people who dare to dream bigger. I like to work with people who are not afraid to step up to the challenge and get shit done. And I love to bring people together and have fun!

The last 15 years I’ve been working with leadership, change, partnerships, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

I am the Founder & Managing Partner of Leaderlab and Director of LAUNCH Circular a partnership between  IKEA Group, Nike Inc., eBay, Novozymes, Kvadrat and Nordic, Australian and U.S. Gov. Organisations.

I have a background in Media. From 2001-2008 I worked as Head of New Media Development and as Head of Corporate Strategy & Development at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation

I am often invited to talk at conferences and seminars about how to drive transformational change. Topics vary from: Leadership, Sustainable Growth, Entrepreneurship, Purpose, Public Private Partnerships, Systems Innovation and Disruptive Innovation. I have years of experience in helping build partnerships across the Private & Public sector.

If you are curious feel free to connect on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook – or send me a mail: sofus@leaderlab.com