Dream big. Get Shit done. Have fun!

Making it happen!

Dream big. Get Shit done. Have fun. This has been guiding principles for my worklife the last 15 years.

I like to work with people who dare to dream big. People who care. Not just about quarterly profit, risk or compliance. I like to work with companies and organisations willing to think longer. Leaders who step up to the challenge and teams willing to go an extra mile.

I am often invited to inspire strategy-processes, future-thinking, sustainability strategy, scenario planning and ideation of new sustainable innovations and products.

The last 15 years I have been working with organisations like Nike, IKEA, LEGO, eBay, Grundfos, Novozymes, Maersk, Kvadrat, LAUNCH, C40, The City of Copenhagen and Nordic, Australian and U.S. Gov. Organisations – and more than 100 sustainability start-ups.

I am the Founder & Managing Partner of Leaderlab and co-founder and board member of GreenKayak.org

I have a background in Tech and Media as Entrepreneur and Head of Innovation at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation from 2001-2008.

I care deeply about purpose, agency, design, craftmanship, innovation, climate change, sustainability, freedom of speech, democracy, free-form dance, snowboarding and surfing.

I run a pretty awesome space Tårnet (The Tower) at Skabelonloftet on Refshaleøen – it’s made to: Dream big. Get Shit Done. Have fun.

If you are curious feel free to connect on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook – or send me a mail: sofus@leaderlab.com – or call: +45 30 220 111